it's a hands, bro!

Smithton, United Kingdom. Policemen from a night patrol were forced to stop and transport an aggressive man to the drunk tank. There would be nothing unusual about it if it wasn’t for the man intentionally getting in the police car after confusing it with a taxi.

To the policemen surprise he opened the door, sat down on the rear seat comfortably and demanded a ride home. When one of the policemen turned back to warn the unwanted passenger the man responded: ‘Get out, I was here first’ and kicked his seat.

‘I never heard of anything like that happening to any of my colleagues because usually drunk people try to avoid us’ says sergeant Walter Proust. ‘Fortunately we now have cameras in our cars. Otherwise nobody would believe us’.

After being transported to the drunk tank, Brian demanded a receipt for the service. There, examination found out his blood alcohol level was 0.31. His identity was confirmed when he woke up almost two days later to face the judge.

The man was sentenced accordance with local law for insulting a policeman to 30 hours of social service and large fine. He was also obliged to pay for his stay in the drunk tank as well as for cleaning of the car seats where he urinated.

The sentence is not yet legally valid and the man did not confess despite the situation being recorded on camera.