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Rosconmoe, Ireland. One of many cases concerning an improper performance of a contract has just been listed in the court’s calendar, this time however, the issue is quite unusual. Walter Jones (26) sues the producer of an adult film for presenting him in an unfavorable manner.

The man has starred in an adult film two years ago, although the work has not been released due to financial reasons, only until last month. After seeing the movie, the aspiring actor decided that it is not the image that has been agreed on by the producer and the man’s agent.

- My client has been presented with a vision completely different from the one presented in the released movie, the differences are tremendous – as stated by Amoul Mirza, the victim’s agent – We’ve talked about a production in the ranks of Playboy, meanwhile what we got is a lousy backyard porn, which reeks of amateurism a mile away.

The claim includes a number of elements which according to the victim, are unacceptable: directing, lighting, makeup, camera shots, and sound. The court has issued experts which will compare this production with selected movies produced by Playboy, and assess the difference in terms of all of the mentioned elements.

The movie is still available on the market. The judge did not endorse the request to take it off the shelves for the duration of the court proceedings. – I consider our film to be very professional, and it fully meets the contract – says the sued producer, adding that the entire commotion is a result of the delayed publishing – I understand that someone may have realized that this is not the right industry for him, but we’ve already covered the production costs, including the actors’ paychecks. This trial is just unfair.

Lawyers assess that the chances to win the case are rather low. The contract would have to include an entry stating that the production has to be accepted by the actor, however, it is something virtually unheard of in the film industry, due to the enormous costs of such undertakings and vast numbers of actors included in a movie’s staff.

The experts have 30 days to present their opinion, on the base of which the court will present its verdict.